Volunteers Week 3rd-9th June

Latest news // Thursday 6th June 2024

Volunteers Week 3rd-9th June

This week is a week to highlight and appreciate the work and time our volunteers put in to helping Birmingham Moseley run. There are so many people we are thankful for here; at times the little things can feel like they’re not noticed but believe us when we say we appreciate EVERYTHING big or small our volunteers bring to the table; without you Birmingham Moseley wouldn’t be the same.

Ticketing Office & Admissions – From processing your tickets, behind the scenes, to being the smiley bubbly faces you see upon arrival at the club. Thank you for all the help you have given us to help make our club so welcoming.

Coaches – Moseley Oak, Women, Colts and our M&J sections all have coaches who spend their own time throughout the evenings and of a weekend training our sections. Without their dedication our teams wouldn’t be who they are or as successful as they are. We thank you for all your time spent making the Clubs family that little bit more enjoyable.

Match Volunteers – Our 4th officials & ball persons are the ones who stand outside come rain or shine. Despite the ever-changing weather at Billesley Common the 4th officials officiate from the side-lines and keep up to date with the scores, cards given and match reports. Thank you for all your help in keeping us all informed of match information as it happens. The ball persons in the rain or shine keep the ball in play should it get kicked out. Being children, they show resilience, maturity and sportsmanship. Well done for all your hard work and thank you.

Office – We have a group of volunteers who behind the scenes do a lot of work that isn’t always on show. Whether this be official club letters, club correspondence, organizing of the programme/posters or club events. Without the help behind the scenes a lot of the day-to-day running of the club would be somewhat impossible. A huge thank you for all your help from each and every single one of us, without you all we would be lost. Thank you.

Social Media – A big part of this day and age is social media. Facebook, Instagram, X(Twitter) and the website. There’s so much feed that goes through these channels that it becomes a job. It’s no easy task and is very time-consuming and important for the club to be able to reach so much information to so many different people. Along with the main club website which is the first point of contact and information for anyone looking for information in every aspect of the clubs’ facilities to general information to team news.

It doesn’t just stop there, with all the information that goes into running it. All these channels are run and organized by volunteers of the club. They manage to do this along with their daily job, daily life and fit in alongside with family life. Where they find the time is incredible. Thank you for all the time and effort you all put into sharing our daily news and updates with all our fans and many more. Legends!!

Pre-season Helpers – Throughout the summer we have a group of volunteers including our very own MSA who help get the entire site ready for the next upcoming season. These jobs can range from minor repairs to painting and litter pick days. These days turn out to be very busy but totally fun between everyone who helps out. These days help the club massively to prepare for the next season, we want to say a MASSIVE thank you for all your help and support.