Tom’s Cycling Challenge

Latest news // Tuesday 9th July 2024

On Saturday 27 July, Tom Joyce is going to cycle away from the clubhouse at Billesley Common.  This in itself is not terribly remarkable; since joining Moseley Oak a decade ago he’s cycled away from all sorts of matches and events at the club, whether playing for the Vikings or occasionally, and somewhat implausibly, the Colts (enabling them to have competitive scrums and raising the average age of the team by at least a year), after supporting a team in red and black or even on the odd instance from training.  This time he’ll be cycling to another club; again, not unheard of, save for the fact the other club is Connacht and he’ll be cycling right across the top of Wales and through the middle of Ireland to get there.  It’s not going to be done in a day, so en route he’ll be camping at various rugby clubs including Crewe & Nantwich and Athlone’s Buccaneers, just to make the thing a bit more arduous…

But why, you are probably thinking, is he doing such a thing?  Well, in large part it is to raise money for Queen Elizabeth Hospital Charity, which will be split between 2 appeals.  Some money raised will go to the Older People’s Appeal to go towards decorating a ward and making it both more welcoming and more dementia friendly.  The rest will go to the Charity’s Home from Homes; as the QE is a regional centre of excellence for a number of treatments, it treats patients from all over the country.  This is great for the patient, but can make it hard for families to be there to support their loved one.  The Charity runs several flats within walking distance of the hospital to match the excellent care at the hospital with a big Brummie welcome.

You can join Tom at the club the night before he leaves, Friday 26 July, for a farewell barbecue and perhaps the odd beer listening to the band – proper prop preparation for a long ride.  Things will kick off at 6 and entry will be free, though donations will of course be welcome.  Should you not be able to make that but want to support these excellent causes, or simply think 47-year-old props cycling over 300 miles in a week is the sort of idiocy that should be encouraged, you can donate at here where you’ll also find details of preparation and updates from the ride itself.