‘Tommo’ Charity Walk – Thank You!

Latest news // Tuesday 25th June 2024

A big thank you to everyone who took part in any of the three walks on Saturday and special thanks to Kate, James, Mike and
of course all the staff for organising. It was a lovely day and the sun shone.

Thanks to all walkers who completed the full walk (around 14 miles) and those like myself who did the return half of the walk, the laps of pitch proved to be most popular and well done to all who completed that version.

The fun afternoon was also well attended and the walkers were suitably refreshed. Thanks to Dan for organising some games for the younger ones, Derek and Karen for the Walking Rugby demonstration and of course Kate for the BBQ, not to mention Mac for his ferrying around.

The walk was obviously for our 2 Charities and it was absolutely brilliant to see Mark Burgoyne and family who we were supporting the Birmingham Hospice.

Not sure yet how much was made, but it’s still not too late to sponsor us. Link
We sold all of the T-shirts (thanks to Gerv at Mission Print for his sponsorship).

Next year let’s make it an even better day, more support from all the sections and maybe get some of the Directors to take part!
We want Birmingham Moseley RFC to be a club of the local community and proud to support local charities.

Thanks again EVERYONE.

Lee Evans