Codes of Conduct

Rugby is a physical game and a primary value is one of respect for ones opponents, team mates and officials. Fair play and sportsmanship are a fundamental part of the game which, for the vast majority, remains a sport played for enjoyment.

Please take the time to read the following information with your child;

As a player you should;

– Play because you want to do so, not to please coaches or parents.
– Remember that skill development, fun and enjoyment are the most important parts of the game.
– Be focused and attentive at all training and coaching sessions.
– Work as hard for your team as for yourself – both will then benefit.
– Be a sportsman – win or lose – and recognise good play by all players on both teams
– Play to the Laws of the Game and accept, without question, all referees decisions
– Control your emotions. Verbal or physical abuse of team mates, opponents, or match officials is unacceptable
– Treat all players as you would like to be treated. Do not abuse, bully or take advantage of any player


As a parent/guardian/spectator you should;

– Recognise that the safety of players is paramount
– Remember that young people play rugby for their own enjoyment not that of their parents and they learn much, both good and bad, by example
– Encourage but do not force young people to play. Focus on their efforts and be realistic about their abilities; do not push them beyond the level they can achieve
– Respect match officials and encourage young players to do so 
– Provide positive support at training and during games; show appreciation of good play by players from every team
– Stay positive: negative messages adversely affect the performance and attitude of players, officials and coaches
– Support the Clubs efforts to rid the game of unacceptable, abusive and violent behaviour
– Be familiar with the coaching and training and match programme so that you can ensure that your child is fully involved and that coaches/team managers are aware of your child’s availability
– Acknowledge good individual and team performance from young players of all teams
– Respect match officials decisions. Remember these volunteers provide the opportunity for youngsters to play rugby
– Never verbally abuse young players, match officials, other spectators or coaches.