Recruiting the team – You can help

First XV // Saturday 16th May 2020

Please be assured the management are actively looking at the options to build a competitive squad for next season.

One thing that is becoming clear is that the nature of professional and semi professional rugby is changing in the current environment. Going forward everyone will have to accept there will be even more challenges on clubs being able to fund large squads of players. Even previously well funded Premiership clubs are questioning if the game can sustain the previous budget levels and are releasing players to streamline costs.

In the same context players will be asking themselves the question of how much they can rely on all or most of their income coming from playing the game. Players at the top end of the game may not have concerns but there will be many fringe squad players in the Premiership and indeed players in the Championship who will be considering how they ensure they have secure incomes to support family and home going forward.

And here is where we at Birmingham Moseley think we can offer players an opportunity. As a club we have had a track record of working with players to help them find a career outside of rugby to balance with playing the game. The career of a rugby player is relatively short and many players will have one eye on the future.

If we can put together packages of opportunity for players including playing for the club alongside a new career then we believe we can attract some very good players to Billesley Common. The Board are actively pursuing options through their contacts in companies, but this is also an area where you the supporters of the club can play a big part.

If you are aware of opportunities that exist / will exist for employment of players we would encourage you to let John Richards know by The club is currently compiling CV’s of potential players interested and will be able to work to match appropriate players to openings. Please also mention this to any company you may have contacts with to spread the word.