“I Built the Team” 17th Aug – £18,104

First XV // Monday 17th August 2020

I Built The Team Thermometer

£18,104 Raised to Date

As we all try to find ways of navigating through this difficult time we are also looking for your support in raising funds to secure our existing players and bring in new ones. This is a unique opportunity to shape our future team by making a personal donation. Any contribution will be gratefully received, donations in excess of £500 will entitle the donor to two free lunches in The Reddings Suite for all home games next season. For all donations over £20.00 the donor will be given a ‘I built the team’ tee shirt. You can make a donation by including it with your season ticket application or by clicking here Birmingham Moseley Rugby Go Fund Me or by going to www.gofundme.com and entering ‘I built the team’ in the search field.

You will recall the club all came together when we responded to the very successful buy a brick campaign when we raised many thousands of pounds for the club to build the new stand. I hope we can get a similar response on this occasion.

Thank you for your generosity to date.

Keep an eye on the thermometer to see how we are progressing and spread the word.

You built the stand brick by brick, now build the team!