Saturday 24th June 2023, 12:00PM

Family Fun Day

With just a week to go until our Family Fun Day & Tommo’s Charity walk, we would like to highlight the work our chosen Charities & volunteers carry out in the local community.
If you would like to make a donation to the foodbank, please bring items with you on the day (Pasta, Rice, Canned foods (beans, tomatoes, soups), biscuits and toiletries).
‘Operation Santa are a team of unpaid volunteers coming together to do something good by delivering hope at Christmas to vulnerable children and families in South Birmingham.
Spearhead Trust are a key partner in achieving this aim, and we work closely with them to provide bespoke presents to identified children, parent gifts, which are more generic yet thoughtful, as well as providing a goodie bag of sweet/savoury treats.
Spearhead Trust provide an ongoing foodbank to the local community with an additional focus at Christmas where a range of Christmas goodies are provided including turkey, hampers and a goodie bag of chocolate, sweets, and biscuits. Last Christmas we were able to provide support by offering £25 supermarket vouchers for many of the families. This is something we hope to build upon this year if sufficient funds are raised.
We have an ongoing relationship with Kings Heath foodbank that was established during Covid where Operation Santa volunteers organised monthly collections for them. We have continued with the monthly collection service, as well as targeted collections for special occasions such as Easter eggs, and collection for specific items such as toiletries. This relationship has proved effective through our effective communication links.
This relationship continues to strengthen with the three of us working together supporting the local community; whether it be a rapid response to a family in dire need, or an ongoing relationship with a family to lighten the load. We hope that through this event we can increase the breadth and depth of the support we offer.’