Abusive Behaviour

Latest news // Friday 7th August 2020

Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club (the ‘Club’) supports and is fully committed to upholding the core values of the RFU including, without limitation, RESPECT:

Mutual respect forms the basis of our sport. We hold in high esteem our sport, its values and traditions and earn the respect of others in the way we behave. We respect our match officials and accept their decisions. We respect opposition players and supporters. We value our coaches and those who run our clubs and treat clubhouses with consideration.

This statement is designed to make it clear to employees, stakeholders, supporters, and everyone connected the Club, that the Club’s has a zero tolerance attitude to all forms of harassment and abuse, including, but not limited to, that of a racial or sexual nature.

It is further designed to promote good relations between persons of different ethnic or national groups, persons of different genders (including transgender individuals) and to preserve the good name of the Club.

The Club condemns harassment and abuse in any form, either on or off the pitch. The Club aims to create and maintain a working and spectating environment free from all forms of harassment and abuse.

Everyone connected with the Club has a responsibility to prevent harassment or abuse, whether racial, sexual or in any other form.

Racial, homophobic or discriminatory abuse, including  threatening behaviour, foul or abusive language will not be tolerated by the Club and may amount to criminal behaviour. Any individual, including spectators, who engages in such behaviour may have their employment with the Club terminated, and/or be reported to the police and/or  receive a life ban from the Club.


David Warren               Peter Hill

Chairman                      Club President

Racism and Abusive Behaviour

Complaints Procedure

  1. Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club (the ‘Club’) has a zero tolerance attitude towards all form of harassment and abuse, including, but not limited to, racism and sexism.
  2. Any complaint as to any alleged harassment or abuse shall be submitted in writing to the Club, setting out full details of any incident(s) concerned.
  3. Such written complaint shall be considered by the board of the Club (the ‘Board’) who will determine, in its sole discretion, what action, if any, is appropriate.
  4. The Board may refer the matter for determination by a formal hearing process.
  5. In that event,  the complaint will be heard by a panel of three club members to be chaired by a member of the Board (the ’Panel’)
  6. The Panel shall have sole discretion to proceed in any manner it sees fit subject always  to proceeding in a fair and just manner.
  7. Any decision made by a Panel as above shall be ratified by the Board and notified to the concerned party in writing with 7 days of the Panel’s decision (the ‘Notification’).
  8. Any person subject to a decision made by the Panel shall have the right of appeal,.
  9. Any intention to appeal must be sent in writing to the Club within 7 days of the Notification having been sent out (ether by email or by post) by the Club.
  10. The appeal shall be heard by a single member of the Board who is legally qualified or a legally qualified individual appointed by the Board (the ‘Appeal Officer’).
  11. The appeal will proceed by way of a rehearing and may proceed as  the Appeal Officer sees fit in his/her absolute discretion subject always  to proceeding in a fair and just manner.
  12. The Appeal Officer’s decision shall be ratified by the Board and  be final.
  13. The party concerned shall be notified in writing of the Appeal Officer’s decision.
  14. At the sole discretion of the Board, this procedure, or part of it, may be used in relation to any other disciplinary or grievance issue.