A Massive Thank You to all of our Volunteers

Latest news // Friday 10th July 2020

I have been asked by  Dave Warren Chairman of Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club to write an open letter of thanks to every single one of our volunteers at Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club.

To Quote Dave

“I sincerely thank them and without their support it would be impossible to run the club. They deserve more praise than we can possibly give them. “

There is a very long list of good club men and women who work tirelessly, for the most part behind the scenes, to keep the club functioning and as Dave says without whom  we would not be able to operate as a club. From the people who clean & pick litter, produce tickets, run the social media to the programme contributors , car park attendants , fourth officials , Photographers, video cameramen and many, many more functions too numerous to list.

From every employee, coach, player, board member and the management team we offer our sincere gratitude for the work you do.


Photo Harley Williams
1st XV Team Manager Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club